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Chicago Gourmet: Cooking Demonstrations

By L. Stolpman in Food on Sep 29, 2008 4:24PM

The cooking demonstrations at Chicago Gourmet were easily the more popular events, despite the fact that tasting the prepared food was a no-no. Since tasting food at the entire event was a seemingly rare experience, who cares? Viking set up two pretty sweet kitchen counters and induction stovetops side by side, so that two chefs could simultaneously prepare dishes, taking turns describing their process and dishes. The Pritzker stage was very effectively transformed into a cooking studio. The induction ranges meant that water boiled at lightning speed and sauces sometimes bubbled over the top of pots but that dishes were completed in the 30 minute allotted time slots. Large, tilted mirrors above the kitchens allowed guests to see the action as it took place.

The best part about these demonstrations? We never once had to listen to a chef long for "smellovision" (a cringe-worthy phrase) because the audiences' noses were tempted by awesome aromas. Some people moaned when the breeze blew garlic their way. We won't be advising people to introduce garlic into the bedroom but, honestly: people don't quite react that same way when they get a whiff of whipped cream. Just saying. Anyway, enjoy some pictures of the events!