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Cubs Fan Auctioning Off Loyalty

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Oct 8, 2008 7:10PM

2008_10_08_ebay.jpgA Sox fan would never stoop to this level...

Cubs "fan" Scot Moore has decided that he's had enough with the North Siders and their continued futility, so he placed his baseball loyalties up for bid on ebay. The auction (#120313290200) no longer appears on ebay's site, but bidding reached $455 on Tuesday. The 30-year old Wheaton native, who currently lives in Minneapolis, says "I can't take it anymore. I get too invested." So he plans to burn the remains of his Cubs memorabilia, sport the jersey of the winning bidder's team, and donate the proceeds to some Minneapolis theater troupes.

The Sox fans in the Chicagoist office have now added Mr. Moore to the growing list of reasons why we don't just love the Sox, but also hate the Cubs. Your team is your team -- no matter what. You can't just dump your team because they break your heart over and over. You can't just bail on them because they didn't win, even in a year you really thought they had a chance. We came of age during the nadir of Sox success, back when guys like Ivan Calderon led the team with 14 home runs and the team was lucky to win 70 games. But we stuck with 'em anyway. Eventually, they did reward us for our loyalty. Hopefully, Mr. Moore's lack of faith in his team will damn him to an eternity of supporting losers... and ones that aren't even lovable.