Friday Afternoon Diversion: The Don't Vote Edition

By Tankboy in Miscellaneous on Oct 10, 2008 8:40PM

Show this to the next apathetic soul who claims they don't vote because: they don't believe in a 2-party system / it doesn't matter / Independents don't have a true voice / neither candidate will legalize marijuana / Hillary should have been nominated / George W is doing a heckuva job and it just doesn't matter who takes over from him / when things are this fucked what does it matter anymore.

Fuck all that reasoning. Vote!

(Unfortunately if you're not already registered, it's too late to do so. But that doesn't mean the reasoning is any less strong TO vote. And if you're not registered ... well, get regustered so you can vote next time around.)

It's not too late to register to vote! I repeat, IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO
REGISTER TO VOTE. Assuming you live in Chicago, you can still register at
69 W. Washington until October 21st, and you must cast your ballot at that
time. Learn more! (A HUGE thanks to commenter carolmargaret for setting us straight!)