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Salt Unseen

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Oct 24, 2008 4:35PM

Approximately 120 tons of road salt (also known as a "shit-ton") has gone missing from an Aurora storage facility since October 1. The total value of the stolen salt comes out to around $32,000.

The police report noted how difficult the theft would have been from a locked facility. Twelve large concrete blocks and a tarp had to be moved to take the salt, which likely would have been moved by truck, police said.

Only a limited number of people had access to the area.

The salt is owned by Tovar Snow Professionals, a company that uses the salt to clear private companies' properties.

There have been similar robberies from other Tovar sites in Bolingbrook and Lombard. Hmmm. Well, Encyclopedia Brown, this seems like an inside job, especially since salt prices have doubled over the last year.

Or perhaps it's someone who wants to make a reeeeeeeeeaaaaaally big sundae. As our esteemed Food & Drink Editor Chuck Sudo pointed out, "Road salt (if it's straight salt and isn't cut with halite) is a common ingredient for ice cream." So either someone is stealing the road salt for their own commercial use or Old Man McGilicutty is planning on winning this year's "Biggest Ice Cream Sundae" contest!