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Presidential Candidates Take To TV In The Home Stretch

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Oct 30, 2008 3:25PM

We're mercifully just a few days from this historic election and things are heating up...even more than before. Last night, the Obama campaign aired their half-hour infomercial across several networks (except ABC, suckas!). The program was documentary style (i.e., no pie charts a la Perot) and featured Obama with voters and outlining his proposed policies. Really, it was nothing new to anyone who's followed the campaign. Later in the evening, Obama also made an appearance on The Daily Show.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Sen. John McCain made a television appearance of his own with Larry King in which he called the Obama infomercial "disturbing," again referring to Obama's reneging on using public campaign financing.

Let me -- frankly, what's disturbing about it is that he signed a piece of paper back when he was a long shot candidate. And he signed it, said I won't -- I will take public financing for the presidential campaign if John McCain will. I mean, it's a living document.

He didn't tell the American people the truth. And then twice he looked into the camera when he was in debate with Senator Clinton and said, I'll sit down and negotiate with John McCain before I decide on public financing.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds was a bit more humorous in his response to the Obama infomercial: "As anyone who has bought anything from an infomercial knows, the sales-job is always better than the product. Buyer beware."