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Chicagoist's "Beer of the Week:" Pabst Blue Ribbon

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Nov 5, 2008 7:00PM

No, that's not a joke. Contrary to popular belief, we've been known to put a mass-produced beer to our lips from time to time. One thing we'll be able to tell our grandkids about last night is that we had a Pabst Blue Ribbon in our hand when ABC's Charlie Gibson called the election for President-elect Obama. (Wow! That sounds good.)

Anyway, there's a reason that Pabst Blue Ribbon wins an occasional gold medal for American lager at the World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival. It's because it's actually a good beer with a clean, refreshing taste, just enough hoppy bitterness to give it some bite and amazing carbonation. The brand and beer have enough of a popular reach that both hipsters, beer geeks and NPR listeners can find common ground. It makes a great pairing with barbecue, burgers and the ultimate back for a bloody mary. PBR is Chicagoist's "Beer of the Week." 'Nuff said.

And now, some classic tributes to PBR.

PBR commercial featuring Jackie Gleason:

PBR: The official beer of the original "Yes We Can" generation:

"I've got Pabst Blue Ribbon on my mind... and horse racing."

And, of course, Dennis Hopper in "Blue Velvet" (Language NSFW):