Joe the Plumber Speaks. Again!

By Tankboy in News on Nov 5, 2008 4:58PM

Looks like Joe is gonna keep plaguing us ... at least for the next 3 minutes or so. He appeared on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, and they asked him for his thoughts on last night's Obama victory and his own post-election plans:

“Absolutely, I can accept [Oabama] as my president. Like I said, the people spoke. Like he said in his dissertation there...he hasn’t earned my trust or what not. I don’t give him a blank check but then again, I don’t give Republicans a blank check either.

Earlier, you asked what I was going to do now. I formed a watchdog group to make sure he remembers he works for us. Everybody involved in politics - I’m going to make sure we hold them accountable...try to make them a little more transparent to the American people.”

We can't wait to read this dissertation you're talking about, Joe.