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Illinois Political South Park Avatars Part 2 - The Avatarening

By Karl Klockars on Nov 7, 2008 9:20PM

obamacap1.jpgSince yesterday's post pointing you to the South Park Obama/McCain episode, we've been poking around with their Avatar Creator. Since Obama and McCain were good enough to make fun of on a national level, and since our elected officials caricature themselves on a semi-weekly basis, we figured we'd go ahead and make it official. Plus, it's Friday, and we're kinda just dicking around.

What would a Blagojevich, a Daley, and so on look like in the magical world of South Park? Here's our take - we gave Rahm Emanuel and Dick Durbin a shot but failed miserably, so feel free to submit your own.

We're goin' down to Chi-town, gonna have ourselves a time, Friendly Daleys everywhere, aldermen without temptation(?), Goin' down to Chi-town, gonna leave our woes behind, Overpriced parking day or night, people spouting "What's in it for me?"