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Jesse Jackson Pays A Visit to Factory Sit-In

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Dec 7, 2008 7:15PM

As the sit-in at the Republic Windows and Doors plant reached its third day, Rev. Jesse Jackson paid a visit to factory workers. The factory was suddenly shut down this week after Bank of America canceled the company's line of credit due to the current economic crisis. Workers, however, are demanding severance packages they say are owed to them. A law signed by Gov. Blagojevich a few years ago backs this claim up. According to NBC 5:

The Illinois WARN Act, signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich in 2004, requires employers to give 60 days notice to employees and their unions, the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity’s Bureau of Workforce Development and the Illinois Department of Labor, of a plant closing or mass layoff.
Union officials say the line of credit the company had was around $5 million; Bank of America was one of several banks that recently received money in a bailout package from the Federal Government, totaling $25 billion for BoA, which the union says obliges BoA to maintain their commitment to the company. Jackson is meeting with workers in an attempt to work out a deal. According to Jackson's Ranibow PUSH Coalition, Jackson is trying to get BoA to reinstate the credit and keep the factory open, even though BoA claims the factory's finances are not its responsibility.