Rep. Davis Joins Ways & Means Committee

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Dec 11, 2008 6:20PM

2008_12_11_davis.jpgJust a few weeks after Governor Blagojevich messed with our minds by suggesting U.S. Rep. Danny Davis was his choice to be appointed to President-Elect Barack Obama's vacant senate seat, it seems Rep. Davis has accepted the likelihood it won't be him and has earned himself a spot on the U.S. House's Ways and Means Committee. Davis was approved for the spot by House Democrats after promising to fight for healthcare reform. Davis' Chief of Staff Yul Edwards said, "It's great for our district. Given the number of hospitals we have and the need to create a better system of healthcare, his background and role in working on health for 30 to 40 years can be an asset." Davis' appointment assures Illinois will have a voice in the committee with Rep. Rahm Emanuel's appointment as Obama's Chief of Staff and the retirement of Rep. Jerry Weller. Is it a coincidence that every time we see Rep. Davis' name, we automatically think of Sen. Clay Davis instead?