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Return of "The Dark Knight"

By Karl Klockars in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 17, 2008 6:35PM

tdkreturnsmovieposter121708.jpgEvery day in August, we said to ourselves, "Gotta go see The Dark Knight in IMAX." Guess what we never got around to? Seeing The Dark Knight in IMAX. So when we stumbled across this press release from Warner Brothers, we counted our lucky stars that we'd be able to catch it in all its IMAX'ed glory (despite the cynic in us mumbling "They just want to cross the billion-dollar threshold").

The we looked at the Navy Pier theater's schedule...and despite the fact that they schedule films months in advance, we came up emptyhanded. No mention, no showtimes, no nothing. They couldn't be so stupid as to bypass Chicago in the re-release, could they?

The answer is no. A couple emails later and even though you'd assume it'd be a foregone conclusion, we've confirmed that TDK will be back in Chicago on January 23rd. Even if you've already seen the film a half-dozen times, it's a fair bet this second chance will get your bat-ass back into the theater. Those of us without gargantuan home-theater setups will be there to experience the movie in full gargantuan everything, the way it was meant to be, one last time.