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Former Bull Eddy Curry Sued for Sexual Harassment

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Jan 13, 2009 6:45PM

2009_01_sports_eddycurry.jpgRemember Eddy Curry? Sure, you do... he's the big, soft center that Jerry Krause paired with the tall, lanky Tyson Chandler to bring the Bulls back to glory. Only his heart gave out figuratively and literally, and the Bulls traded him to the New York Knicks. Since heading to New York, Curry's had his share of off-the-court headlines. First there was the summer 2007 home invasion. And now Curry's being sued for sexual harrassment by Dave Kuchinsky, a former employee.

Around the time Curry shipped out to NYC, he hired Kuchinsky to act as his family's driver in their Burr Ridge, IL estate. But it wasn't all fun and games working for the basketball star. In his lawsuit, he claims that Curry repeatedly approached him " 'in the nude,' allegedly telling him, 'Look at me, Dave, look' and 'Come and touch it, Dave.'" Kuchinsky also alleges that Curry made him dispose of towels that Curry had "made deposits in."

So are these allegations true? Or is this just a "below the belt" tactic to shame Eddy Curry into paying all the money Kuchinsky claims he's owed. He is asking for $68,000 in back pay and $25,000 in reimbursements for expenses on his personal credit card. Curry's lawyers were quick to claim this is all just an extortion attempt by a disgruntled former employee. Why do we have a feeling that this isn't the last we'll hear of this tawdry case?

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