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Chefs With Idle Hands Blog

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Jan 14, 2009 7:10PM


"Snow + Time in real life could be very exciting. It means sledding and snow men and skiing and log cabins. Snow + Time + No Income, on the other hand, means stir craziness. I mean, this is basically what happened in The Shining."
Hugh Amano was recently laid off from his job as Executive Sous Chef at Uncommon Ground on Devon, where the economic realities of the times claimed him as a casualty. Rather than go stir crazy, a friend suggested Amano start a blog. Amano launched Food on the Dole last month to, as he told us, "stave off insanity with all the time I've got now, and to pursue something I've always been interested in: writing about food."

With only four posts, Food on the Dole is a work in progress, but anyone who references Stanley Kubrick movies while discussing how he came to make an amazing looking roast beef sandwich is worth keeping tabs on.