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Blago Legal Team Clarifies Why They Pulled Out Of Impeachment Trial

By Chuck Sudo in News on Jan 20, 2009 3:54PM

2009_01_genson.jpg In the wake of Friday's announcement that attorneys Ed Genson, Sam Adam, Sr., and Sam Adam, Jr. recused themselves from Governor Blagojevich's upcoming impeachment trial, there's been some speculation as to the real reason why the three backed out at the last minute.

There's been speculation that, given the possibility that Blagojevich's campaign war chest will be frozen by the Feds, that the high-priced attorneys pulled out of the impeachment trial because they wouldn't be paid. Genson and the Adams dismissed that contention as nonsense yesterday, contending that the impeachment trial is stacked against Blagojevich. Or, in Adam, Jr.'s words, a "lynching."

In today's Sun-Times Genson added, "Putting on this hearing was counterproductive, and anything other than what was best for the client." And, if you read Mark Brown's column from last Thursday on the impeachment process, there is some credence to that.

But there's also weight behind the "they won't get paid" theory, as well. Federal prosecutors almost certainly will place a freeze on the $3.6 million Friends of Blagojevich campaign war chest. Genson and the Adams will be able to have some of their expenses recouped from the funds for the criminal trial, but the Feds have not agreed to allow them to tap the fund for expenses accrued from the impeachment defense. Even with the deck stacked against Blagojevich in the Senate, to see his legal team cutting its losses does not speak well for any of them, regardless of the reason.