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Obama's Appetite for Reconstruction Tour Off to Productive Start

By Lauri Apple in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 22, 2009 7:50PM

obamas_and_roses.jpg Like Abe Lincoln, President Barack Obama faces the daunting challenge of trying to fix up the U.S. to make it all shiny and new again. As with Reconstruction in the post-Civil War, Lincoln-era period, Reconstruction Obama-style calls for repairing our nation's infrastructure, along with our international reputation, our economy, and a bunch of other stuff that's currently messed up. No time-waster, Obama has already achieved several major goals in his first 48 hours on the job, such as:

In recognition of Obama's work so far, and in honor of one of the greatest records of all time, we've come up with this redux of the Appetite for Destruction record cover. It's a little raw, but so was Guns N' Roses, back in their heyday. Up at the top is Michelle, with the Obama girls on each side of POTUS Obama. At the bottom is Lincoln, who replaces Slash on top hat.

BTW: We're pretty sure that "My Michelle" is Obama's favorite song off Appetite.