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Chicago's Teen Cop: How Much Did He Do?

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Jan 26, 2009 7:30PM

We told you yesterday about the 14-year-old that waltzed right into a Chicago Police station and began working. But how involved was the teen before the CPD caught on to his shenanigans? Chicago police Asst. Supt. James Jackson said, "The senior officer was in full control of the squad car at all times, and the 14-year-old never interacted with the public while present with the assigned officer." But the teen's mother begs to differ, claiming the teen "told her that he went on 10 calls Saturday afternoon, including a couple domestic violence calls." Second City Cop has even more of the low-down: 'Many of our commentators back mom's story and verify the kid drove the car. For more than a little while. He also got a locker, checked out a ticket book and rode back-up on in-progress calls."