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Live Blago-ing The Last Stand In Springfield

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Jan 29, 2009 4:55PM

Governor Blagojevich is preparing to make his last stand by offering up his own closing statement. Follow below and discuss in the comments. We're still taking even odds he takes a cheap shot at Madigan just for kicks.

11:54 - Blago wraps it up and then high-tails it out of there. By our count, that was around 48 minutes? A caucus has been granted to both parties and Ellis will present his rebuttal at 1 p.m.

11:53 - "I'm sorry for pushing and prodding too much sometimes." That's what she said. Sorry, couldn't resist.

11:52 - "I did not resign then, I am not resigning now." The senators you're addressing are about to save you that trouble.

11:50 - "If it could happen to me, it could happen to you." Uh, I think all those Senators have learned a valuable lesson from you, Blago. Meet in person and talk in code.

11:48 - "Impeachments are don't just throw the will of the people..." Given Blago's approval ratings, we're pretty sure the will of the people is impeachment. And as for precedence, well, that was already set for Governors of Illinois.

11:45 - Blago is getting misty-eyed over this narrative about the mother. We guess he'd be even more torn up if he could get his details straight. Guess that's what happens when you make shit up as you go...

11:40 - Our Karl Klockars takes on Blago's self-righteousness and insane rationalization - "Governor Blagojevich is the political equivalent of a wife-beater. 'See all the things I do for you? And you make me hurt you! I don't want to hurt you! I slave and I work and this is how you treat me?"

11:38 - Stop namedropping. He's mentioned McCain and Rahmbo more times than we can count.

11:35 - Maybe we're wrong, but a crime doesn't have to be proven for impeachment, no?

11:29 - Did he just throw the governors of Kansas and Vermont under the bus re: prescription drugs? McCain and Kennedy name-dropped again! And Rahmbo, too.

11:23 - Like a broken record, he's continuing to hammer home his health care record. Right, because we remember how thrilled those prop citizens were to be used as your shield a few weeks ago.

11:18 - Name dropping: Ted Kennedy! John McCain! Elizabeth Taylor! Holy hell, this is reaching a new level of crazy.

11:15 - Not surprising he defends the tapes as a politics-as-usual thing. Really? REALLY? And if you want to cross-examine FBI agents, Blago, you only have your lawyers who refused to show up (or dumped you) to blame.

11:12 - We don't get Blago's schoolyard analogy. Also, the "walk in my shoes" line isn't garnering our sympathies. On the plus side, he only has 78 minutes left to ramble.

11:09 - Blago maintains his innocence and claims the media blitz to show "the whole truth" and continues to whine about not bringing witnesses into the impeachment trial. Sour grapes don't go down well and we doubt Sen. Reid, Sen. Durbin, and Rahmbo would have come to your aid.

11:05 - We stand corrected! Cullerton: "We're informed the Governor will be here momentarily. We'll see..." Here we go...

11:03 - Aaaaand we're already behind schedule! No surprise as "fashionably late" seems to be Blago's M.O.