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Senate Continues Deliberations Over Blagojevich

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Jan 29, 2009 9:15PM

2009_01_29_delibertaion.jpg The long, arduous impeachment process has given way to a long, arduous deliberation in the state senate. Sen. Rickey Hendon (Chicago), who has voiced his opposition to the impeachment, requested the separation of the health care charges from the articles of impeachment, a motion that State Supreme Court Justice (and presiding trial judge) Thomas Fitzgerald denied. With that, Justice Fitzgerald left and allowed deliberations to begin.

During deliberation, Senate President John Cullertion gave all senators a chance to speak, with a five-minute time limit. Senator William Haine (D) called Blagojevich's actions "an arrogant misuse of power." But it was the Republicans' chance to attack. Sen. Dale Righter (R) called Blago, "a devious, cynical, crass, and corrupt politician" for his shakedown of Children's Hospital. Sen. Dan Duffy (R) took the opportunity to reflect Blago's corruption as a result of state Democrat leadership. Chris Lauzen (R) had one of the most over-dramatic quotes, saying of the chamber during the injustice of Blagojevich's charges, "If a room could cry, there would have been tears running down the aisle." And Sen. David Luechtefeld (R) echoed Topinka's earlier cry that sometimes the voters get what they vote for.

It'll keep going until there's no senator left with something to say. That could be awhile.

Image via NBC 5 live stream