Adventures in Blago-Sitting: A Farewell To Rod

By Karl Klockars in News on Jan 30, 2009 4:35PM

We wandered over to the ex-Gov's place last night just to take in the circus - and a circus it was. It was our first look at Private Citizen Blagojevich, and after a few minutes of a seemingly humbler Blago, it was right back into the talking points and woe-is-me and I-will-fight. A few things you might have missed:

  • The kids walking around with signs saying "Alfred E. Newman for Governor" & "Frank Zappa for Governor."
  • The governor noticing those signs and making a (presumably) unintentional dig at Pat Quinn, saying "That sounds like a good idea right now."
  • The man in the crowd who sarcastically thanked the governor for trying to send his father downstate from Springfield's Transportation department.
  • The person walking by that hollered "Crook!"
  • The group of teenage girls standing in their front lawn talking to each other, saying "Now finally I can maybe get to school on time!"

One question: When you get impeached and removed from the highest office in the state, get sent away from the state's Capitol building in disgrace, and come home to a wife who ditched you in your nationwide press junket - do you voluntarily sleep on the couch? Or does your wife bust your balls for a few hours, and then you sleep on the couch anyways?