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Arson, Vandalism Hits Bridgeport Church

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Feb 6, 2009 9:45PM

A Bridgeport church was vandalized and had two fires set nearby overnight and officials are calling at least one of the fires an arson. The incident happened at All Saints St. Anthony's Church very early this morning. One of the fires damaged a stained-glass window. In addition to the fires, the phrases "GOD IS A LIE," "RAPE," and "IT HAPPENED HERE" were displayed across the doors of the church in red duct tape. The church's pastor, Rev. John Parker, said earlier today, "We didn't receive any warnings or threats or anything of that nature...I'm trying to figure out what the message means and what it means to the person who did it."

Well, investigators have begun to put the pieces together. It seems that former priest Robert Craig, who molested three children, used to serve as an assistant pastor at All Saints. His service at the church took place during the 1980's, possibly overlapping with when he is accused of having molested some of the victims. However, Rev. Parker said, “My understanding is that he was not in trouble here. It was after he left here that allegations arose.” Craig resigned in 1993; the three victims successfully sued him in court. The victims' attorney, Jeff Anderson, said he also wasn't sure if any abuse ever happened at All Saints. “I cannot tell you that abuse arose out of that church [All Saints St. Anthony], and I know nothing about that fire. I can tell you unequivocally Robert Craig is an offender known to the public as having abused three youth.”