Rahm's DC Digs

By Lauri Apple in News on Feb 7, 2009 7:00PM

rahmen.jpg Irving Park bus rider/POTUS Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel earned headlines this week upon word that his "renting" of the basement in scarily-spectacled Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT)'s Capitol Hill abode is illegal. Delauro tried to clear up the matter, telling the press that Emanuel's been staying there for free. Scandal averted? Nope: "Free" is actually worse than "renting," thanks to the Obama administration's new and improved ethics rules regarding acceptance of private gifts from personal friends in high places. Delauro's hub, a Democratic pollster, owns the house. Whoops!

Upon hearing the news, we imagined Rahm living like a college student in a sunless apartment, playing video games and eating bowls of the cuisine that best represents the bachelory-, basement-y lifestyle: Ramen noodles. Chicagoan's "Rahmen Noodles" come in hedgehog (not hedge fund) and rotten fish flavors. If you are man enough, you will eat them with a knife. Just be careful with your fingers, OK?

A problem-solver, Emanuel's already hunting for a new house. He currently lives in Ravenswood, which the Washington City Paper describes as a mix of Hispanic, German, Asian, and -- as local realtor Stephanie Guerrero reportedly added, "[with] a little sprinkling of gay. A little bit of everything." Little sprinkling! That's so funny. Actually, we hear that a "little sprinkling" of pepper really brings out the flavor in Rahmen noodles. Feel free to share your own tips in the comments below.