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Lady Blagojevich Subpoenaed

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Feb 19, 2009 3:40PM

The feds have hit Patti Blagojevich with a subpoena that has many wondering if she'll be joining her husband in receiving a grand jury indictment this spring. Lady Blago reportedly complied with the subpoena, handing over any and all notes relating to over 40 individuals relating things ranging from her husband's fund-raising to her own real estate deals. Speaking to the Sun-Times, her attorney Raymond Pijon said he hopes the feds "consider the 'family structure' as they weigh that decision."

"I've seen it happen on a number of occasions; they elect not to bring in other family members," Pijon said.

Just because she has been cooperative doesn't mean she's going to flip on her husband, her lawyer said.

"I think they're close as a couple and obviously have a lot of things in common," Pijon said...

"Patti is very focused on taking care of her children. That's her utmost concern," Pijon said. "She's with them all the time. I know she's very dedicated to them."

Aside from having a potty mouth, Lady Blago has been under a lot of scrutiny for a long time, even before she accepted a job with the Chicago Christian Industrial League, a job she was fired from a short six months later after she failed miserably at helping raise funds.