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Alan Keyes Is Still At It

By Karl Klockars in News on Feb 23, 2009 9:40PM

Say what you will about Alan Keyes, if nothing else, the man is determined. 4 years after getting his ass handed to him by Barack Obama in the race for Senate, Keyes is still on the attack. It's a bombastic, overblown, hyper-exaggerated attack, of course, and he concludes by sounding like the craziest internet commentor that ever did exist.

To recap, among other things, Obama is:

  • A radical communist who is going to destroy the country
  • The USA will cease to exist unless he is stopped
  • he's an advocate for infanticide
  • and isn't constitutionally eligible to be President based on his naturalized citizen status

That's right - despite being so apeshit ridiculous that the Supreme Court refused to hear the argument, the Harvard-educated Keyes put his fingers in his ears, sang "la la la la la" and continues to pretend that it's still an issue. Oh, and if things weren't bad enough in Keyes-ville, we're also facing, "chaos, confusion and civil war" if we don't get an answer about the birth certificate thing. Also, he believes we've put "insane children" in charge of the government. Locally, it's hard to argue with that, but we think Keyes' sights are set a little higher.