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Chicagoist Podcast #4 - Fame, Fortune and a Clown

By Karl Klockars in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 23, 2009 7:00PM


A slightly shorter podcast this week, but the star power packed within should offset that somewhat, we hope. Last week's Tribune article about the leftovers from the Bozo show piqued our curiosity - who wouldn't want to have the Bozo Buckets hanging around their house? So we contacted our Bozo of choice, Joey D'Auria, who spoke with us about his experience on the show, as well as what he's kept from his time at WGN.

Following that, Michael Shannon might now be known in Oscar history as one of the nominees who lost out to Heath Ledger last night. But for our purposes, he's the only Academy Award nominee to speak to us for our podcast series. He's also a founding member of A Red Orchid Theatre here in town, and he was kind enough to take time out of his Los Angeles whirlwind experience to talk to some guy from Chicago he didn't know from Adam about acting, celebrity worship, CD walkmen and where he hangs in town.

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