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Chicagoist Podcast For March 2, 2009: Papers, Politicians, and Pack Your Knives & Go

By Karl Klockars in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 2, 2009 8:00PM


Another Monday means it's time to piece together another Chicagoist Podcast. Away we go.

We've seen a flurry of discussion about the future of journalism in the past few days, mostly thanks to Ken Davis and the Chicago Journalism Town Hall which took place a couple Sundays back. What did we learn? What stuck out and what wasn't expected? We talked with Ken to get his take on how it went, with the benefit of a few days hindsight. [Ed's Note: For further reading on the Town Hall, check out coverage from Scott Smith at Time Out Chicago, Gapers Block's Andrew Huff, and Whet Moser of The Reader. - M.G.]

Hey - in case you didn't notice from all the volunteers pamphleting at El stops and other locations throughout the 5th Ward, there's a primary coming up. Kevin Robinson and I will hash out who are the frontrunners, what other have to gain from running, and why we're so burnt out on the Eternal Campaign.

Finally, Top Chef had its season finale last week, which seemed like a perfect time to talk a bit with the one Chicago contestant this year, Radhika Desai. From the sequester house to dealing with Stefan to being so damn tired, we go into the process of creating the #1 food show on cable.

Also: Don't forget the benefit for SWOP-Chicago which we discussed in Podcast #2 with Serpent - it's this Friday at the Wild Pug in Uptown in celebration of International Sex Workers Rights Day. If you've ever wondered how sex workers party, one could concievably find out on Friday night for the low donation of a few bucks at the door.

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