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Blagojevich Takes To the Airwaves

By Karl Klockars in News on Mar 25, 2009 6:20PM

blagopoints032509.jpg For two hours this morning on WLS 890 AM*, it was wall-to-wall Rod Blagojevich as he sat his impeached ass in the host's chair normally filled by Don Wade & Roma. Acting as fill-in talk show host for the vacationing morning duo, the former Governor and current presumable Mr. Mom held court over the 50k watt blowtorch that is the WLS radio signal. did he do? If you put aside the standard populist I'm-here-to-save-you pap and instead focus on things like formatics and showmanship, he actually wasn't that bad. There could be a future for him in the game show host category, or perhaps a good used car salesman. In terms of content, the show focused mainly on the wrongs that the world has foisted on our poor ex-governor.

blagoandsc032509.jpg Naturally, there was the same old song and dance of calling out Pat Quinn for trying to raise taxes - yes, we understand you saw it coming, Rod, but a even broken clock can see an income tax increase twice a day.** Additionally, there was the expected hammering at Mike Madigan and other state pols. Been there, heard that, got the t-shirt. The real highlights (which you can listen to by checking out the podcast here) included the short conversation with equally-popular-Chicagoan Jay Mariotti, as well as coming face to face with and speaking to cast members of Rod Blagojevich-Superstar, the Second City musical based on the G-Rod saga.

All this and a few self-selected phone calls later, G-Rod was back out into the morning sun, with the glow of the city's attention once again fading from his cheeks. This could be the last gasp for G-Rod, as his indictment is expected within the next couple weeks - otherwise, maybe we can all collectively hope for a Check, Please appearance or something. And in case you're curious, the dump button wasn't used once, believe it or not.

Photos via AP.

*Full disclosure: Your humble author is in the employ of WLS radio and got to watch the whole circus progress.

**Of course, Quinn has been forced to raise taxes thanks to the social program spending binge that went on during the course of the prior administration. Who was that again?