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One Great Sandwich: PB&J

By Marcus Gilmer in Food on Apr 1, 2009 8:40PM


In any time, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a classic, but in these tough economic times, we find ourselves going to it more often than in the past, giving us the chance to revisit this important cornerstone of any diet. The key to any successful sandwich starts with the outside: what kind of bread do you use? If the bread is too coarse for the contents of the sandwich, the sandwich can be ruined. In this case, we found that the soft, supple wheat bread suited the sandwich perfectly. Next, we spread onto one slice of bread our peanut butter of choice. Like choosy mothers, we prefer JIF, but experience has shown us that you can closely recreate the same texture using Skippy or Peter Pan brand peanut butter.

Next, we spread our choice of jelly/jam, which in this case was a bit of Smucker's grape jelly, though we have been known to use Bama brand from time to time, as available. The juxtaposition of peanut butter and grape jelly created quite a unique sensation and the taste was pleasing for our palette. The sumptuous, chewy bread also contributed to our enjoyment of the delectable sandwich, proving that the right choice was made. We found that a tall glass of one percent milk was the perfect beverage to compliment the meal.

From our experience, the sandwich is best enjoyed when cut into triangles, either two or for, with crust optional.