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Teen Cop Impersonator Strikes Again

By Marcus Gilmer in News on May 5, 2009 3:20PM

Image via The CPD
Yesterday, I lamented the further fall of the teen cop impersonator in the wake of his latest arrest for stealing a car. At the time, however, the details weren't known. But now, more information has come out and we may be dealing with a con man the likes of which we haven't seen since Lyle Lanley. The teen stole a Lexus car from a dealership by dressing up in a suit and convincing the salesman he was in the market for a car. The car had a dead battery which was recharged by the salesman. The salesman than returned the charger to its proper place, but when he got back to where the car had been, it and the teen were gone.

Chicago Breaking News continues this bizarre story:

For the next three hours, the teen, who doesn't have a license, allegedly drove the car around before raising the suspicion of two Chicago police officers when he cut them off in traffic. Deputy Supt. Daniel Dugan and a police officer were leaving a roll call and on their way to dinner when the teen allegedly swerved into their lane, police said. The officers noticed the vehicle did not have license plates and attempted to pull the teen over, police said.

The teen did not stop but instead led police on a chase through a McDonald's parking lot and more traffic before he allegedly crashed the vehicle into a light pole, knocking it down, police said. The teen ran off near 95th and State Streets, at one point allegedly grabbing a stroller to pretend like he was part of the crowd, police said. It was not clear if the stroller was empty.

The teen, believing he was no longer being followed, let go of the stroller and continued walking when Dugan grabbed him, police said. The teen struggled with the deputy superintendent before breaking free. Dugan sprained his ankle in the struggle, but his partner grabbed the teen a short time later and arrested him, police said.

A police chase? Grabbing a stroller to blend in with the crowd? The kid has seen one too many action movies. The teen was in Juvenile Court yesterday where the charges amounted to: possession of a stolen vehicle, criminal trespassing, driving without a license, driving without insurance, leaving the scene of a crash and driving without registration.