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Chicagoist Podcast 5/25 - Skepticism and Self-Discovery of Sorts

By Karl Klockars in Miscellaneous on May 25, 2009 5:00PM

oldtimeyradio0509.jpg In this week's entry to the Chicagoist Podcast Series, after wishing a safe and healthy observation of Memorial Day to you all, we're managing to do a whole podcast without any coverage of food or beer. On this weekend, there's a good chance you've got that taken care of on your own with no problem.

No, instead we're gearing up for our B-day Shindig coming up next Saturday, so we took the opportunity to look in the rear-view mirror a bit with the creator and queen bee of the -ist network, Jen Chung. Want to know the provenance of the site your eyeballs are glued to right now? Want to know what's the deal with the royal Chicagoist "we?" We dig deep and get the info from the Chicagoist Mama Bear herself.

Wrapped around that conversation is an interview that had its birth in the firestorm of controversy that surrounded the Jenny McCarthy/Oprah post from a few weeks back. Jenny was in town this weekend to serve as keynote speaker at the AutismOne conference, and we tried to get Jenny to join the Podcast Series...but no dice. Instead, we hooked up with Elyse Anders, writer for Skepchick and Chicagoan who was more than happy to converse with us about the beliefs of the anti-vaccination crowd.

Did you spill cheap beer on your iPod at a barbecue this weekend? Get yourself a new one and subscribe to the Podcast Series on iTunes, or plug us into your favorite RSS reader. Updates via smoke signals, carrier pigeon and operatic aria are coming soon enough. We want to know what you want to hear, so let us know what you think as you see fit. Enjoy your shortened work week and we hope you continue to enjoy the 'cast.