Gang Sign Controversy For Derrick Rose

By Marcus Gilmer in Miscellaneous on Jun 11, 2009 8:40PM


Chicago Bulls player - and reigning NBA Rookie of the Year - finds himself in a new controversy over a photo (above) that allegedly shows Rose flashing gang signs. The photo's been circulating over the last week on several sports blogs and today the Tribune takes up the issue.

A Chicago Bulls team spokesman said Thursday that the team is aware, but unconcerned, that there is a photograph circulating via email and now on some Websites that appears to depict Bulls star Derrick Rose flashing gang signs.

The spokesman said the activity shown does not square with the Derrick Rose they know.

The undated photo depicts Rose, who grew up in one of Chicago's most violent and gang-ridden neighborhoods, seated with his hands raised and fingers crooked in the "pitchforks" sign of the Gangster Disciples Nation. It is unclear whether Rose is expressing a gang affiliation, or he was just joking with his friends at a party. An unidentified man is standing behind Rose, grinning, with his own hands showing gang signs, according to a police source.

Rose's name has come up a lot lately in connection with allegations of wrong-doing at Memphis and allegations a grade was changed for him while at Simeon High School.

No word if the mainstream media will investigate the plight of white girls flashing gang signs.