Charges Made In Jada's Death

By Staff in News on Jun 27, 2009 8:15PM

2009_06_27_jada.jpg The babysitter of Jada Justice has been charged in the death of the toddler as has the babysitter's boyfriend. Engelica Castillo, 18, and Tim Tkachik, 23, both of Hobart, were charged with Jada's death. Jada's body was allegedly found encased in concrete and placed in a plastic bin, according to CBS 2.

Police say Castillo killed little Jada by beating her with her fists so severely that her skull was fractured multiple times.

Sources say the beating started over a soiled diaper. Castillo's boyfriend, who's also charged with murder, says Castillo became enraged when Jada wouldn't cry.

In an affidavit, Tim Tkachik is quoted as saying he "grabbed Engelica but she continued to strike Jada and continued to hit her harder when she wouldn't cry. He said that because Engelica wouldn't stop beating Jada he went to the other room to watch TV."

Image of Jada Justice from the FBI, via CBS 2