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Naperville's Homeless Protester

By Marcus Gilmer in Miscellaneous on Jul 6, 2009 8:20PM

Photo of Huber dated May 2008, taken by Michael Kappel

The Tribune profiles Scott M. Huber, a well-known homeless man who has set up a "protest site" in downtown Naperville. While the profile lists a few of Huber's run-ins with the law and even a bit about Huber's run for Mayor of Naperville, Huber is never clear exactly what it is he's protesting. And Huber is now making waves because his site is growing with personal possessions and may be becoming a public nuisance. Huber tells the Trib's Gerry Smith, "I'm not the classic homeless person, sleeping on a park bench or underneath a bridge and wandering aimlessly through a community. I am here by choice under the 1st Amendment -- freedom of protest." As for the city of Naperville, Smith reports, "City Manager Doug Krieger said city staffers are looking into the "gray areas" of Huber's protest site, like whether his tarp constitutes a structure and thus violates city code." It's an interesting read, to the say the least. Check out the full profile here and check out pics of Huber - as mentioned in the story - here.