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Blog Recaps Crazy Landlord Shenanigans

By Marcus Gilmer in Miscellaneous on Jul 9, 2009 2:20PM

2009_07_09_gary.jpg There's a new Tumblr blog getting passed around the interwebz here in Chicago: Stranger Than Eviction, which features some harrowing, bizarre tales of, well, we'll let the blog's creator explain it.

I am making this site to chronicle the craziest living situation I have ever taken part in. In the month that I subletted a room in this house in St. Charles (a suburb of Chicago), the police have come to the house 5 times, my landlord has been handcuffed twice, and one roommate has been hospitalized. The focus is on my crazy landlord, Gary. Gary is a 63 year old, currently unemployed, overweight, homeowner who enjoys a frequent alcoholic beverage and cigarette. I believe he had bought this house with the intention of selling it for a quick profit. This did not work out, and last I’ve heard the house is going under foreclosure in September.

Whether insane incidents like this are real or not hardly matters as, at the very least, the site is a funny, vulgar read. And, given the experiences some of us have had, we wouldn't be shocked if all of it was true.

Thanks to the numerous tips from readers. The site is also linked at Windy Citizen.