Morning Box Score: All-Star Recap

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Jul 15, 2009 3:00PM

It was a mercifully quick-paced Major League Baseball All-Star Game last night, lasting barely 2 and a half hours, which made it shorter than the previous night's Home Run Derby. In the end, the American League came away with another victory, winning 4-3 and keeping the NL winless streak intact (the NL last won 6-0 in 1996). That's what happens when you allow the DH, folks. It's not real baseball. Anyway. It was the second straight year the final score was 4-3 and the fourth straight year the AL won by a single run. And what of our local boys? North Sider Ted Lilly didn't see any action, but South Sider Mark Buehrle pitched a quick, easy 1-2-3 third inning for the junior circuit.

But, of course, there was another South Sider involved in the festivities that we were all anxious to see and he spent more time on the field than either Lilly or Buehrle. How did the President, proudly wearing a black jacket emblazoned with a White Sox logo, do on his first pitch? Pretty good, we think, as the original FOX camera angle made it damn near impossible to tell. Of course, any pitch near the plate would have been great for Obama considering the amount of bulletproof material he was probably wearing underneath that jacket and pair of Mom Jeans.

We like to think the boo birds were about his White Sox jacket rather than his fiscal policy. Obama then stepped in to the announcing booth for a bit of banter with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, part of which you can watch here.