Thax Douglas Is No Longer On The Stage?

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 17, 2009 8:00PM

Photo by Jeremy Farmer

We just received word that Thax Douglas, rock and roll poet and friend of ours, passed away this morning. We, ah screw this third person thing. I just saw Thax a few days ago and can't quite believe what I'm typing. He will truly be missed and his passing will certainly throw a shadow over the city's music scene. He could be a divisive figure among audiences, but he should know, and I think he did, that he was truly appreciated by the bands he read for and those of us that thought he had a gift for turning ambiguous themes into solid imagery. We just lost one of Chicago's true treasures.

UUPDATE: Via Gapers Block, there was this posting on Thax's Facebook page: "This is Thax's Dad. Thax passed away this morning at about 10am. I know he loved the many friends he had in Chicago and I ask that you pray for him this evening." [M.G.]

UPDATE II: WBEZ is reporting that the coroner's office has no record of Thax's death, and since it appears he posted a poem on MySpace this afternoon, we're holding out hope this is some sick rumor via someone hacking Thax's Facebook account.

Decider is reporting that Thax's dad has no knowledge of his son's death, so we're hoping this is all a hoax. Hopefully we'll be seeing Thax in Union Park Union Park in a few hours...

Thax is alive and well, and posted "wow--fwiw I have never attended much less read at Pitchfork- will write more tomorrow- thanks for the ♥ 's" on his Facebook page.