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Planning Your Zombie Apocalypse Hideouts

By Karl Klockars in Miscellaneous on Aug 18, 2009 7:40PM

Photo by poohba02
Even though vampires are the terror du jour, zombies still have a strong foothold in the popular psyche - the multitude of Zombie Pub Crawls and Thriller recreations will tell you that. With the release of a Canadian study questioning humanity's survival in the face of a zombie invasion floating around the internets today, we're posing the following question:

Come the Zombie Revolution, where would you hide out in an attempt to survive an Undead Chicago?

Now, presumably you've poked through the Zombie Survival Wiki, and read Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide to gather the basics. So where would you hole up? Do you find a lonely skyscraper a la "28 Days Later?" Would you go for the old "Dawn Of The Dead" standby and hide out in the Fox Valley Mall? What about just boarding up your 3rd-floor walkup and hoping for the best?

We're about to blow our zombie cover and kick off the discussion by telling you where we'll be camped out. It's called the North Branch Pumping Station, a huge fenced-in brick compound complete with thick glass bricks in the windows and a dock on the Chicago River for a quick escape if need be. Sure, it's primarily used for shoving sewage around, but when the excrement hits the oscilator, we'd rather be odorous than deceased. Not only that, but it's got a bitchin' late-1920's Art Deco look. Check it out:

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It wouldn't last forever, but given a bit of warning that's where we'll be headed. If you feel safe enough to let us know where you'll be hunkered down, we can consider creating a Chicago Zombie Defense Network. Remember: Blades don't need reloading, and keep your head so you don't lose your head!