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Chicagoist Podcast 8/24 - Braaaaaaaaaaiiiiins

By Karl Klockars in Miscellaneous on Aug 24, 2009 8:40PM

"When there's no more room in City Hall, the dead will walk the earth..."
You may say that it's still a bit too early to be talking about things like zombies and other horror-related subjects. (You might have said something similar when we sat down with the Horrorbles folks back in March.) You might posit that we're not even out of summer yet and people are already rushing to get to Halloween. We offer these three examples to prove that it is absolutely not too early to start thinking about ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night: Halloween candy is starting to populate the shelves, Oriental Trading is starting its holiday advertising blitz, and Chicagoist hashed out a number of Zombie Hideouts last week.

We decided to follow up on the conversation with Chicagoans who certainly should have an opinion about such things - you'd imagine that the folks that run Chicago Zombie would know a thing or two about where to duck and cover from the living dead. Chad Savage runs the site, as well as a bevy of other horror-related sites and sat down with us to talk about why the hell these stinking, shambling messy corpses have so much appeal. Why all the pub crawls? What's with the zombie pin-ups? Will there be any inevitable zombie backlash? And who the hell cares about a bunch of sissypants emo vampires anyways?

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