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The Worst Movie Remake Idea. Ever. Period.

By Rob Christopher in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 24, 2009 3:20PM

After Keanu Reeves starred in that remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, we thought we'd seen the bottom of the barrel. What idiots we are. Courtesy of Variety we've just learned of something even worse. Much, much worse.

2009_8_21yellow_submarine.jpg Chicago native Robert Zemeckis, who hasn't made a decent movie since 1992 (and that was Death Becomes Her by the way!), is negotiating the necessary rights to remake the 1968 animated classic Yellow Submarine.

In 3-D.

With the same craptastic motion capture system he used in The Polar Express. Oh--and it's being bankrolled by Disney, with the hopeful goal of adapting the remake for Broadway and/or Cirque du Soleil.

Yellow Submarine is one of the last remaining undesecrated landmarks of our childhood. Seeing it is what made us fall in love with the Beatles, and to this day it remains a pinnacle of the animated art form. So congratulations, Mr. Zemeckis: you've just made our shitlist.