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Mariotti Creates Inexplicable Lesbian Angle to Cubs Sale

By Benjy Lipsman in Miscellaneous on Aug 28, 2009 2:20PM

2009_01_04_mariotti.jpg Jay Mariotti still scares us, so we've tried our best to avoid him since he departed our local rag's pages. Which explains why we missed his latest WTF moment until the boys at NQTC pointed it out. That we knew what was coming didn't dull the mystification of reading Mariotti's words. He really does just jump right from Cubs spending money now that they've been sold to the fact that Joe Ricketts' daughter is a lesbian.

Hopefully, they are in this to win and not just to say they own the Cubs, and they're willing to keep the payroll the way it is and we can do what we need to do," first baseman Derrek Lee said.

"Now we can go get Roy Halladay," Ramirez said.

Maybe, maybe not. But there is this twist: One of Joe Ricketts' kids, Laura, is a lesbian. Technically, then, she will be one of the Cubs owners.

Seriously, Jay? How on Earth does Joe Ricketts' daughter and her sexual preference have anything to do with the Cubs and their finances? After suggesting Cubs fans would attend the Pride Parade if the team ever won, he moves right back into baseball finances and notes Kenny Williams' success on the South Side with fewer resources. That's some major discontinuity there, Jay. We can't even fathom why he would toss something like that into a column. Unless Jay the Joke is trying to drum up some pub -- is that the real twist? -- ahead of his return to the local market? [Ed's Note: It's worth pointing out that Jay actually cites "The L-Blog," which just oh-so-happens to be part of the Chicago Now blog network owned by the Tribune, both of which Jay also cites and where Jay was rumored to be heading. We're just sayin'... - M.G.] Damn, we hope those rumors aren't true... and we hope we didn't just fall for his evil ploy.

Thanks for the tip, Jason!