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The Dude - Nude?

By Kate Gardiner in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 8, 2009 5:00PM

A couple of weeks ago, Chicago burlesque star Red Hot Annie sent us a note, pimping her next show, framed on cult classic The Big Lebowski. The motivation (Lebowski Month) was obvious. But naturally, we were curious. How does one translate galumphing, hairy, men into a strip tease that anyone actually wants to watch? We had to investigate. And so we did, Saturday night at the Gorilla Tango Theater. "Rollin' Outta Here Naked" is The Big Lebowski, live. With nipple tassels and a ferret. Red Hot Annie is well, hot. And The Dude (originally played by Jeff Bridges), for all that he is, is not. Spend $15 every Saturday night through September 30 and see for yourself.

[Ed's Note: All pictures are technically SFW but proceed at your own caution in the work place - M.G.]