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It Pays to Twitter at moto

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Sep 11, 2009 2:20PM

2009_09_cantu.jpg The countdown to Homaro Cantu's big reveal of his "Disruptive Food" project currently stands at 62 days. Today, however, we're gonna give you another reason to follow Cantu on Twitter. More accurately, to sign up for the messaging service yourselves.

Did you know that you could possibly have your meal at moto comped if you Twitter during the meal? We spoke with Cantu yesterday, trying to get some more details about Disruptive Food, when we asked him that very question. "The staff at the restaurant has computer access at all times," Cantu said. "They've been trained to look for real-time keywords to identify people who are Twittering their experience at moto."

Once an employee recognizes those keywords, he or she alerts Cantu or front of house management, who then greet the tweeter, chat with them a bit then leave them be. At the end of the meal they find that Cantu has comped the meal; dinner for 4 without wine pairings can cost $460. Cantu may also throw in an extra treat, such as a bottle of their best wine from the cellar or a tour of moto's kitchen, as well.

Now, this doesn't mean that you should start making reservations at moto and twittering like a fiend. Remember: this is keyword controlled. Think of it as similar to having Grant Achatz come to your table to prepare dessert at the table. Be prepared to pay for your meal if you don't know hit the right notes.