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Kelly's Death Is, Of Course, All About Blago

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Sep 14, 2009 8:20PM

Inside, Rod Blagojevich might be all torn up about the death of Christopher Kelly. If we were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, we'd say he's still making sense of it on the inside, which is why his mouth keeps vomiting out the same old "woe is me not my fault" song and dance on the outside. But we know better than to do that by now, don't we?

As we mentioned earlier, Blago took to the airwaves on WLS on Sunday afternoon, taking a short break from his book-based media blitz (which Eric Zorn ever so effectively shredded in a series of posts here), to deliver another 120 minutes of broadcast insolence, and to discuss the still-fresh heartbreak of his friend's passing:

“A friend took his life…because he refused to lie about me. Not withstanding the pressure he was getting from prosecutors who were willing to reduce his sentence and make life easier for him. It’s also a loss because he was going to be a witness who was going to tell the truth, and he was gonna be a witness who was going to help vindicate myself from these false accusations.”

We could go on about the sleaziness of this, but Steve Rhodes puts it best here: "The ever so classy Rod Blagojevich didn't even wait for Chris Kelly's body to go cold before exploiting for his own PR-driven legal defense the death his former best friend and partner in political crime."

The race to the bottom continues.