New Website Rounds Up Localvore Restaurant Options

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Oct 7, 2009 3:20PM

2009_10_Local_yolkel.jpg One aspect of the farm-to-table movement lacking from the Local Beet's coverage of all things localvore is a roundup of restaurants, grocers, bakeries and caterers. The Local Beet is more policy and example-driven, which is great for the home cook and farmers market enthusiast. For the localvore who's looking for a restaurant, however, there really isn't a one-stop guide.

Cristal Mendlen also saw that and decided to create a website to remedy that. Local Yolkel is a comprehensive but not complete — no Bristol, really? And Dean Zanella left 312 Chicago in December — list of restaurants, grocers and bakeries serving locally sourced produce and meats. Mendlen also includes a list of CSAs and caterers who use locally sourced ingredients. Local Yolkel serves as a nice complement to the Local Beet's coverage of the subject.