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Chicagoist's "Beer of the Week:" Crispin Honeycrisp Cider

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Oct 14, 2009 7:00PM

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This being the harvest season, we'll be dedicating the next three weeks selections to brews that reflect in-season fruits or flavors. One of those flavors that we live for this time of year is honey crisp apple. Anthony even showed readers how to incorporate honey crisps into a cocktail. Honey Crisps also make a damn good cider.

Minneapolis-based Crispin Cider Company makes a smooth honey crisp cider available in 22-ounce bottles. The cider is fermented with organic honey, which lends a smoothness to brew some other ciders lack. It also has some serious alcohol content for a cider at around 6.5% ABV. Sip this in moderation, preferably in front of a fireplace.

Our first encounter with Crispin Honeycrisp cider was at a dinner party a few weeks back. The hostess told us that she bought hers at Fox & Obel. When we tried to track it down the next day, however, Fox & Obel's liquor folk had never heard of it. As of post time we were able to confirm that Sam's had it in stock for $4.99. Since today marks the start of Sam's big warehouse sale before re-branded as a Binny's, you might want to make a beeline for the Marcey Street location now.