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Chicago Woman Killed In Baltimore Hit-And-Run

By Jake Guidry in News on Oct 27, 2009 8:40PM

Surveillance footage of Meighan's truck courtesy WJZ-TV and via the Trib
Miriam Frankl, a 20-year-old Chicago native and student of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, was allegedly struck by Thomas L. Meighan Jr. in what was a fatal hit-and-run on October 16. The Tribune reports that the incident occurred in the midst of full day of reckless driving by Meighan, including what a half-dozen witnesses described as running red lights, tailgating other drivers, and driving the wrong way down one-way streets. Meighan was apprehended and held without bail due to what is nothing short of an atrocious driving record. Baltimore District Judge Nancy Shugar told Meighan, "you pose an extreme risk to the safety of the public, and there is some substantial question whether you would appear for your trial."

Meighan's record already has 21 previous motor vehicle convictions, including six for DWI and two for DUI, begging larger questions about the state of driving law and punishment. The Tribune adds, "He was free on $100,000 bail before his arrest Saturday, awaiting a December trial on unrelated hit-and-run and DWI allegations from late July. He's also been convicted of escape for leaving an alcohol treatment facility while in custody in 2002." Meighan, if convicted on all charges prior to the hit-and-run, faces less than six years; authorities are still reviewing possible manslaughter charges in Frankl's death.