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Jimmy John's Being Sued Over Terrifying Tuna

By Jake Guidry in News on Oct 30, 2009 6:20PM

2009_10_30_jimmyjohns.jpg Mackenzie Seller is suing Jimmy John's for what he's deemed as "negligence." The restaurant chain, purveyors of reasonably tasty sandwiches at self-proclaimed quick rates, did not serve Mr. Seller the Turkey Tom without mayo and cheese that he requested. Oh no, he was instead served a dreaded tuna sandwich with--mind you--mayo and cheese.

According to Chicago Breaking News (breaking indeed), Seller says he bought the sandwich at a Jimmy John's in Champaign in November of 2007 and ordered it without cheese or mayo due to allergies. Despite being served a sandwich that looks, smells and tastes nothing like a turkey sandwich (without mayo or cheese), Seller seemed to lose all but one of his senses and ate it anyway and became quite ill. We understand, though, as we also momentarily black out in a fit of joy after receiving a sandwich from JJ's. According to the lawsuit filed in Cook County, Seller remained ill for a long time and wants more than $50,000 from the freaky fast food chain.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday and Jimmy John's has yet to comment. We can't blame the man, though. In this economy, you have to chase that paper anyway you can. Even if it's just $2.50.