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Our Love Affair With Autumn

By Staff in Miscellaneous on Nov 3, 2009 7:00PM

We love Autumn. Sweet apple cider, do we love it. The beautiful colors, the newly crisp air, the seasonal food and drinks, and the knowledge that holidays with our families are just around the corner. Before winter's harsh cold and snow storms trap us in our houses for days on end, we thought we'd list some of the reasons we love autumn and include some amazing reader photos submitted to our Flickr pool. Check out our reasons after the jump and be sure to add your favorite fall things in the comments.

  • The brisk autumn temperatures
  • The changing color of Fall Foliage
  • Football!
  • Jumping into leaf piles
  • Dark beer season
  • Fires in the fireplace
  • The World Series, even without a Chicago team
  • New TV seasons
  • Spiked Hot Cider
  • Golden light
  • Soup! Chili! Stew! Crockpot!
  • Stupid summer blockbusters are over so good movies finally start coming out
  • Sweaters
  • smell of cinnamon
  • fake fur
  • New England clam chowder
  • Watching visitors shiver in 50 degree weather and knowing it's just gonna get so much worse.
  • Sipping whiskey by a fire while entertaining in the family room.
  • Guilty pleasure caramel apple cider from Starbucks
  • The start of the figure skating season
  • Holiday promotional booze packaging
  • Chai tea lattes
  • Not sweating
  • Soup and oatmeal every single day
  • Eagerly awaiting the first snowfall
  • Burning leaves
  • Whiskey Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving where we also sit around a fire outside and sip whiskey)
  • The return of flannel shirts
  • The chance to deep fry multiple turkeys.
  • Great camping/hiking weather
  • Growing in our beards
  • Hot tea
  • Mulled wine
  • Butternut squash soup
  • Scarves
  • Staying home and being lazy and warm and not feeling bad about it

And Kevin closes out with a bit of C.S. Lewis:

For me, the changing seasons always reminds me of Screwtape’s letter to Wormwood, where he talks about man's desire for both change and permanence: "Humans live in time, and experience reality successively. To experience much of it, therefore, they must experience many different things; in other words, they must experience change. And since they need change, the Enemy (being a hedonist at heart) has made change pleasurable to them, just as He has made eating pleasurable. But since He does not wish them to make change, any more than eating, an end in itself, He has balanced the love of change in them by a love of permanence. He has contrived to gratify both tastes together in the very world He has made, by that union of change and permanence which we call Rhythm. He gives them the seasons, each season different yet every year the same, so that spring is always felt as a novelty yet always as the recurrence of an immemorial theme."