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How To: Roast a Chicken

By Anthony Todd in Food on Nov 4, 2009 5:00PM

Roast chicken is the perfect fall dish - It's hearty, it warms up the kitchen and it uses only root vegetables that can be stored in your fridge for months. It's a great dish for a workday evening because there actually isn't very much effort involved - your oven does most of the work. Roasting a chicken is one of the easiest things that you can do in the kitchen, and somehow it's been turned into a complicated and magical process by cooking magazines and recipe books. Follow the pictures (the instructions are in the captions) and you'll be set to roast a great bird.

One note - We like to put a mixture of beets, onions and carrots underneath our chicken. This means that we get to eat tasty beets, and our basting liquid is sweet and flavorful. It also makes us look like vampires who baste our chickens in blood. Trust us - it's just beet juice.