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Rick Morrissey Eats His Words -- Literally

By Benjy Lipsman in Miscellaneous on Nov 11, 2009 7:40PM

We liked the pick when the Bulls selected Joakin Noah with the ninth pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, but some were not sold on the center coming out of the University of Florida. We liked his championship team experience, pro athlete lineage and his size, but among the naysayers was the Tribune's Rick Morrissey, whose column was titled, "You must be Joakim." In the piece, the Tribune scribe said he'd eat his words doused in salsa if Noah amounted to anything in the NBA after three years.

With the fun-loving center averaging a double-double this season (11.4 ppg / 12.4 rpg through seven games), Morrissey made good on his pledge to eat his words, covered in spicy Mexican condiment, at the Berto Center on Monday. He even had the whole thing taped for posterity. In penning his mea culpa, Morrissey confesses, "I stand before you a humbled man, having been set straight by a Bull who possesses energy, heart and, yes, ability." Now, if only we could compel Jay Mariotti to eat something much fouler tasting than paper and hot sauce for all the crap he's written...[Via NQTC]