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Chicagoist Podcast 11/16 - The "Chicago Current" Edition

By Karl Klockars in Miscellaneous on Nov 16, 2009 10:00PM


The Chicagoist Podcast Series soldiers into mid-November with another media-centric conversation. Whether it seems like it or not, Chicago is awash with local sources of news, information, and entertainment, and while teeth continue to gnash over whether the Zells and Tyrees of this market will save us from media blackouts, some people are jamming their shoulders to the grindstone and pushing forward however the hell they can.

One of those guys is Geoff Dougherty, whose Chi-Town Daily News helped set the standard for independent digital journalistic startups in Chicago. Waves were made when CTDN imploded two months ago, and now the phoenix that has risen from those ashes is the (much-better named) Chicago Current. Geoff spent a few minutes on the phone with us to discuss news, how it's reported, who's reporting it, why it's important to have independent sources of news in the mix, and maybe even some odds being placed on how long we'll be a two-paper (and independent papers, and news blogs, and podcasts (ahem), and information aggregates, and Chicagoists, etc.) kind of town.

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